We understand it is difficult to compare the services and qualifications of different financial planning firms and advisors. For this reason we have provided a consolidated list of our most unique attributes that we believe set us apart from the rest.

  • We have the legal obligation to act as your fiduciary agent and to always do what is in your best interest (we are not an agent of a large investment company with an obligation to do what is in the best interest of that company).
  • Our firm is made up of individuals holding university degrees specifically in financial planning. Members of E&G also hold the most prestigious credentials in the investment and financial planning profession, including Ph.D., CFP®, CRC®, and CPA - we are one of the most highly educated and credentialed firms in the country.

  • We do NOT accept commissions or any third party referral fees for recommending or selling investment and insurance products. This absolves us from an inherent conflict of interest to which the vast majority of financial advisors are subject. Clients receive only objective, unbiased advice from us. 

  • We use a holistic approach to investment management and financial planning, continually integrating the latest research and evidence-based strategies into our clients' overall plan.

  • We provide a personalized approach to financial planning and investment management, and measure our own success by our clients' success in achieving their goals in life.

  • As a truly independent firm, we have access to the entire marketplace of investments, allowing us to invest our clients' money in the best mutual funds and exchange traded funds in the world.

  • We foster life-long relationships with our clients and always remain committed to adjusting their financial plan as their goals and circumstances in life evolve.

  • We utilize research-based, disciplined investment strategies and strive for long-term rates of return that will allow our clients to meet their goals, while minimizing risk as much as is possible.

  • Our Client Service Commitment.