It is important to note that we do not hold your investment assets directly. Instead, we will help you open accounts at Charles Schwab Institutional. You are then able to grant us limited discretionary authority over the accounts, which allows us to place trades on your behalf and actively monitor and manage your investments.  

If you have an active 401(k) or other retirement plan that requires you to maintain accounts at an institution other than Charles Schwab Institutional, we can still work with you to manage those accounts. We utilize special software that allows us to monitor any active retirement accounts on a daily basis, just like we monitor your accounts that are held at Charles Schwab Institutional.

You will receive monthly statements on your accounts directly from our custodian (i.e., Charles Schwab Institutional) showing the current values of your accounts and detailing the account activity (similar to the statements you receive from your bank on your checking/savings accounts). You will also receive quarterly reports directly from E&G that are more user-friendly and comprehensive in nature, allowing you to view all of your investments as one total portfolio. Lastly, you are able to monitor your accounts by logging into your accounts online.