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Are you willing to provide references?

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Absolutely. Just Ask....Read More

Do you work with clients who live outside of the Athens/Atlanta area?

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Yes, in fact 30-35% of our clients reside outside of the state of Georgia....Read More

Should I be working with a financial planner?

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In this increasingly complex economic world where tax laws, economic conditions, and the overall financial landscape change so often and so fast, it is advantageous for practically every person to work with an independent, fee-only financial planner and investment advisor....Read More

What is your fee and how is it calculated?

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We work only for you; therefore, the only way we are compensated is by you....Read More

What type of authorization do you have over client investment accounts?

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We request Limited Discretionary Authority over our clients investment accounts. It does not, however, allow us to request a withdrawal from your account....Read More

Where will my investment assets be held and how do I have access to them?

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It is important to note that we do not take direct custody of your investment assets....Read More